Surgery Trip 2021

Daniel has a major surgery planned for the end of April on the east coast.
We live on the west coast.
Brian and Daniel will be gone for over two weeks and will return with Daniel in a toe-to-waist cast and with a plate and screws in his bones.
After over a month of uncomfortable recovery, I’ll fly him all the way back to get the gross cast off and bring him home again to begin rehab.
I’ll be very happy when July is here and this is behind us.

Daniel in spring 2019 when he was in stretch casts.

So, I’m doing what any mother like me would do in these circumstances:
I’m making endless lists that basically comprise, “How do I make this less shitty?”

Kittens make life better!

What things would you put on these lists?
Please share!
I’ll start typing up the ideas!

Surviving Major Surgery – Family Version

Surgery & Travel Survival: Child
Cute face masks
Electric toy drill
LCD Tablet (we have one already – should bring it)
Water beads. Daniel can’t get his cast wet, but he loves water.
A clock radio
Padding and blankets and pillows
Extending list on Amazon
Surgery & Travel Survival: Parent
Solo Parenting and Shut In Survival – Kids are ages 8, 8, 11, 12, 14
Easy food ideas:
Chicken Taquitos

Learning shows:

Cool crafts:

Chore relief ideas:
Buy a stack of paper plates
Lengthy Recovery: Family – Kids are ages 8, 8, 11, 12, 14
Favorite movies and TV Shows
Feel-good snacks
Afterward: Fun Summer Plans
Beach Trip

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