Daniel’s Support Team

I am compiling a list of all the people who have offered prayers, garage sale donations and financial contributions towards helping Daniel transform from orphan to son. I am missing quite a few. If you want your name on his puzzle or if you know somebody who should be on here, let me know so I can remember to add their names! On my handwritten list, I have more notes about each person, but thought i’d keep it semi-anonymous here.

From November last year.

All extended family member names… plus:
Ed P.
Paul & Gretchen
Heather A.
Philip and Anna
Tim & Lydia
Toni in Bulgaria
Vivian M.
Susan B.
Erin E.
Natasha E.
Larry & Kristy
Robby & Dianna
Natalie R.
Heather H.
Katie W.
Mary Jo G.
Susan F.
Jenny B.

Image of puzzle:

Daniel’s Victory

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Adoption Update – March 2017

First off – we have Daniel’s middle name chosen! His name will be Daniel Stephen (spelling still TBD). Daniel means, “God is my judge.” Stephen means “victor, crown, wreath, honor…” Together, they mean either “God judges me victorious” or something along those lines. Any way you put those names and meanings together, I love it. The name Daniel also honors his birth names. Daniel in the Bible trusted God even through adversity. And Stephen in the Bible had a gentle, forgiving and incredibly strong spirit.

Awww… It’s growing harder to let him live away from me. We are praying this red tape away as fast as possible. Pray with us that the paperwork will be speedy!

Daniel one year ago

Daniel’s adoption paperwork is crawling right along. The homestudy is finished. We have applied for permission to adopt from US immigration (USCIS). That takes a couple months to get an answer from and had its very own fingerprinting appointment in downtown Portland. Our medicals are done, a bunch of paperwork from the social worker is complete and notarized and the whole stack (roughly an inch thick) has been apostilled (special authentication) and mailed to our adoption agency. As soon as we get that approval from USCIS (hopefully we filled out all our paperwork correctly and they don’t have any problems!), then everything will get sent to Daniel’s country of birth to be translated and submitted to the government there.

Once the paperwork is submitted in country, we have to wait for a signature. Once we have that signature (usually takes a month-ish after translation), then we will get travel dates for trip 1! That’s looking like anytime between May and July.

We get to bring him home 3-6 months after that trip… so August-January!!! Praying for August, which is, frankly, unlikely. (sigh)

Things that would be helpful to us:
Donations to the fundraiser garage sale we are preparing
Credit card points that can be used to help pay for airfare (this is a big chunk of the adoption expense!)
Straight up money donations (paypal or the tax-deductible fundraiser account at https://purecharity.com/davis-family-adoption-5)

Remember that all type of support will get your name on the back of Daniel’s “cheerleader” puzzle, which will show Daniel tangible proof of the support and love that was being poured out for him even while he was alone in the orphanage.
The puzzle is titled, “Victory”

Daniel’s Victory

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February happenings

I’m too tired to write more.

Joanna makes OT awesome.

Contrived lessons made us laugh.

Pool time!

My daughter Anna is almost ten years old and we went on a mother daughter retreat!

After swimming at the hotel pool.

It was a cold, windy, wet, day on the Oregon coast. Not as windy as the day before, though, or we wouldn’t have gone out.


Anna and I ate at Camp 18 on the way home from our mother-daughter retreat at the beach.

The beam is the largest in North America or something crazy like that.

The checkout station is inside a trunk!

Huge slabs of wood. Huge carved wood statues. Chainsaws longer than I am tall.

Front porch.

Just a normal day at home.

The park is closed to cars for the winter.

I don’t know why Carolyn’s coat is on her head.

The kids ran ahead!


Four generation spread of Davis men.

We had lunch at Dairy Queen first. Then went to the park. Then went back and ate ice cream. ๐Ÿ˜€

It was cold, but sunny!

Generations of memories here.

A visit with Great Grandpa is never complete without a walk at the park by his home.

This just held a receipt, but it made my heart beat fast! Once we get an approval notice in one of these envelopes, we send paperwork across the ocean for the next stage of Daniel’s adoption!

Our septic alarm had been going off for awhile. It was floooOOOOded. These guys had a hard time of it, but we think it’s fixed now!

Observing… and not plugging their nose at the moment.

This… is an electricity free siphon pump.

Septic guys to the rescue…

The littler cousins.

Anna holding her one year old cousin. This makes me emotional.

Our little dog Benny is a bit of a lover.

Morning meetings.

Me after a run.

Playing the wii at my cousin Lydia’s.

No snow meant fun outside!

Jordan found the sun spot!

Learning about zoodles at Lydia’s!

Hanging out and chatting with Kevin.

Playing chess at Grandma and Kevin’s.

Maggie loves her stretchy suit thing.

My uncle Kevin and grandma have a proper home theatre inside their house! We had fun watching Shrek 2 in there.

Learning how to communicate during OT:

Playing in the pool during our retreat!

There was lots of snow coming down on the coastal range as we drove home, so Anna documented it:

Throwing rocks into the river at Grandpa Davis’ is a timeless adventure:

Jordan coping with the stress of new places very well here:

You probably don’t want to watch these videos… they’re just simple recordings of Jordan crying. We went on a trip to see family for two nights. It was, for Jordan, grueling. He cried each night and was very close to unresponsive to our ministrations. Or rather, he was unresponsive off and on, but never stopped crying, just looked at us or took a deep breath before beginning again. Phew. It was hard. Is hard? People ask why he has a hard time and I don’t even know how to answer that. It’s simply that we’re asking more from him than he can do. He tries and then he become weary and he melts down. For a long time. Sorry to end on a sad note!
Driving – lasted 1-2 hours.

Home – lasted half an hour.

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Kids are getting bigger

Pictures from January. Hurya was with us until late January and that meant that I was remarkably tired and busy, trying to keep up with my little family and help her also. We made some progress in our fledgling adoption process, working on homestudy paperwork and by the end of the month we knew we were adopting Daniel! School started up again and Jordan participated in occupational therapy. It was a good month…. but I’m glad it’s behind me. I was overtaxed before January started and didn’t find recovery until more recently.

We got fingerprinted with a little cat in attendance!

Anna doing homeschool. We used Christian Light Publications books for Reading, Bible, and Science this year and I like them.

This is how we roll when we go out for dinner!

Fun family date night at Wendy’s, complete with tall stools and chocolate frosties.

Morning run

Jordan’s play room got a makeover! New paint on the walls, vinyl flooring. I don’t know who put the mattress on his swing, though. ๐Ÿ˜€

Our dogs might like people a little bit.

Afternoon walk with my man.

Carolyn loves to talk and talk and talk.

It’s pretty fun that she could read to me.

The kids organized a magic show for us!

Coooooold morning run.

Well, that’s one thing you can do with the swing and climbing rope!

Carolyn reading:

Carolyn reading 2:

Jordan just hanging out in his new play room:

OT time with Joanna!

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It’s Been Awhile

Here are pictures and videos of what’s been happening! They’re a bit out of order. There’s Christmas morning at our house and then Christmas afternoon once the family came. Then the day after Christmas with the other side of the family. Then there’s my Mom’s big birthday bash and some random photos followed by some cute videos.

December and Christmas:

Eegads – look at all that!


Anna made Brian a new pair of glasses.

A nerdy book for my nerd!

A toolbox!

Maggie got tools and woodworking kits.

There were so many presents!

I bought Brian some disc golf discs.

Carolyn was darling in her cat costume.

We bought each of the kids a pair of goggles to use this summer.

Great Grandma Hooge sent each of us girls a beautiful shawl! I’ve worn mine to church many times.

The kids all gave each other gifts… of toys that they already had and liked!

Anna got lots of sewing supplies.

We all felt underdressed once Hurya joined us on Christmas morning!

Nobody loves anybody in our family. It’s all very sad all the time.

Clearly, nobody had fun.

Davis Christmas!

Here is Hurya serving us coffee on Christmas!

Six of nine cousins on a couch.

Little Nora wants in on the “big girls'” action.

Hurya had many gifts to open on Christmas!

It makes my heart happy to watch these two.

I told you these two were peas in a pod!

My dad is pretty awesome.

My parents with Anna and Maggie. <3

Maggie put her matching Christmas outfit on her dolly named Nanyonga.

Grocery shopping with Hirfan was really challenging. Thankfully, this time he fell asleep. It was pretty interesting going to the grocery with Hurya…. from African refugee camp to American grocery!

She stayed up there quite awhile.

My brother was really gracious to lend his back to my daughter Maggie.

Silly women playing the party game. So many people who love my mom showed up.

They’re both four.

Two peas in a pod – Carolyn and Felicity.

My sister’s daughter is soooooo cute.

My mom’s birthday party!

Evening run.

We read a story one chapter at a time over the course of Advent. Loved it. (We read Jotham’s Journey)

Pappy reading a storybook to the kids. Good memory times.

Jordan was into the dogs this day!

I live in this dollhouse.

Hurya poses in all her formal poses. ๐Ÿ™‚

Real life.

Trying to get a nice photo with my old cell phone.

Sadly, we were late and missed a lot, but we did make it!

Hurya dressed up beautifully for the Christmas church service.

Video from Mom’s birthday party – the kid got ahold of my phone and its video camera…
This one the little girls are pretending to be angry at each other:

Maggie takes another video:

Felicity and Carolyn being silly:

So silly:

Back at home, Jordan is hanging out in the kitchen with me and checking out the hair clippers. It shows a lot about how Jordan is growing (tall!) and developing.

Pappy reading to the girls over….. Thanksgiving:

Very short clip of Jordan playing in the play room with Hirfan:

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