What I Love

Who am I? Today, this month, this moment, this season. What do I love and what delights me? What do I enjoy, what fills my soul, what do I long for, and what is the image inside my soul?

I love wood. I love the great trees of the forest, the twisted branches of the stunted trees, the drips of pitch on a scraggly spruce. I love the smell of lumber in a home improvement store. I love the swirling grain of myrtlewood and the smooth lines of pine and the sense of strength and organic integrity of real wood over laminated particle board. I love the way that my own hand can change and shape wood to what I want… sanding it and staining it and then applying lacquer so that it glows to both my hands as well as my eyes. I love the way adding wood to a room makes the room look warmer and more welcoming. I love how aged wood glows and tells its story.

I love words. I like to let myself be overly particular and specific with words. And it amuses me that I so often have trouble remembering the word, “articulate” when I’m trying to think of it.

I love familiar, cozy, carefully planned and functional spaces. My bedroom is one that I’ve been working on and I’m loving to see it come into shape.

I discovered that I love setting up craft spaces at least as much as I love using craft spaces.

I’m having a hard time focusing. Let me think.

Well – I will dwell on this and come back to it. My counselor tasked me with making a collage, but I don’t have magazines and I’d like to work on it in word form anyway. List form. I love lists.

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