Cheap Fun – Help me out here!

I wanted to compile a list of cheap fun treats… for little boys or girls. Here are things I’ve found so far to be awesome:

– Finger paint from the Dollar Tree
– Bubbles from the Dollar Tree
– Sidewalk chalk (cheap anywhere)
– Stick on earrings (amazon has them – where else? eg. Cute small packs or 500 pack)
– Glitter glue tubes from the Dollar Tree (first half sqeezes out easy, but the second half is hard to get out for little hands)

What are some other consumables, treats, cheap activities?


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  1. Amy

    We hit up the whole craft section in the dollar tree. The googly eyes make for some fun crafts along with the assorted colored pom poms – that’s what they are called, right? All the sudden my brain is thinking that is wrong… oh, brain, will you ever come back??? 🙂 There are a bunch of neat, cheap ideas for crafty things on pinterest but you don’t want on there yet, right? Another idea – Free park dates with friends??? 🙂

  2. Viviane

    My kids like to play with stickers (I have sticker remnants all over the house) to practice their pincer grip, they like cotton balls, newly discovered Easter grass, homemade play dough, big empty cardboard boxes and bubble wrap from packaging (they haven’t even figured out yet that they can pop those bubbles), helium balloons (our grocery store gives them out free to kids at the floral department every time you shop). They like lots of colorful Mardi Gras necklaces that their grandma sends each year from the South. Bingo daubers can be fun. They even have free printable coloring pages for bingo daubers online.

    A great way to find cheap crafts and activities is the clearance aisle at any craft store. Also, if you go the day after any holiday, you can get a bunch of fun stuff 50% off. Target’s one dollar bins also sometimes have small toys and crafts.

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