Adoption Trip One – Friday/Saturday/Sunday

About 27 hours after we left home for the Portland airport, we stepped into a hotel on the other side of the world. Literally.

I was sick overnight before we left and too sick to my stomach to sit up or turn my head hours before we left, but improved rapidly throughout the morning. I was able to keep down fluids and slowly became hungry over the course of our travel, though my stomach was never completely settled. Brian became ill as we waited for our trans-Atlantic flight in the San francisco airport. Anna’s tummy gave her trouble during the flight. Neither was terribly ill, but it was not a fun flight.

Somewhere around 5am, a passenger from business class had a mental health meltdown and began to shout at everybody to get out of his house. Those who were still asleep and unaware were quickly caught up as one flight attendant had us open the windows to the bright sunshine at the same time as half a dozen or more other passengers and crew tackled the angry man. Fear turned to pity as he yelled weakly and with fear as they zip-tied his hands and legs and found some doctors to help them supposedly administer sedative.

Did I say out travel was uneventful? It wasn’t. Between our stomach bug and the poor man who lost his wits and delayed flights, I am still near tears with relief and surprise every time I realize that we are here and our final flight landed just 20 minutes late. Our bag was left in Istanbul, but y’know, that’s nothing. 🙂

We had the luxury of hot showers and a truly lavish breakfast in our hotel. The hotel’s website advertised a lavish breakfast, but I truly didn’t expect what we were offered this morning buffet style. Bread in many forms, 4 kinds of jelly, hazelnut spread, a big bowl of honey, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, bacon, hot dogs?, mushrooms, fried bread, cold cereal, coffee, fresh veggies, salami, cold ham… I don’t even remember. It was delicious. We all were able to eat a little and drink some juice and we’re feeling good despite being tired and the 10 hour time difference.

Today we drive about 6 hours to get to the east side of this country in Eastern Europe. We had the option to fly, but it cost a little more, we are sick of airplanes, and it will be nice to spend the day with our translator and seeing the countryside. Tomorrow morning we will meet our son. The enormity of that leaves me breathless.

It’s very, very good to be here with Brian and Anna. After the fear of our party being separated due to the illness on the day we left, I am treasuring and holding close my travel companions. What a privilege to spend this trip with my husband and firstborn.

Thank you, everybody, for praying for us. It’s sobering to have so many people caring for us. <3

I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Arrived and so happy to see beds and pillows.


Out one of our hotel windows.

Cocoa puffs for this girl this morning. look at all the honey in the bowl! And the jam. MMmmmmm

We couldn’t eat much, but we are all eating again!

Part of our lavish breakfast!

Brian and Anna practiced reading the cyrillic letters through the hotel window while I typed the blog.

The wiring on the outsides of the buildings raises my eyebrows!

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  1. Reta Chapman

    Thinking of you!!! Hope you can send some pictures!!

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