Meeting a Son

Before I begin – let me remind you that any identifying information about Daniel must not be shared. Not his given name. Not the country he lives in. Nothing until he is ours. There is a chance that I will have to remove photos and videos, but hopefully I can keep them up.

I think I’ll let the pictures tell most of the story for right now. I have a lot of words in me… maybe I will type more after the pictures. We’ll see. Videos at the end.

The view from our hotel… complete with street noise directly below the balcony. Beautiful, but not quiet!

Our comfortable little room. Doesn’t smell too strongly of cigarettes, which is a marvel considering how much some people smoke here!

And Daniel is in his Papa’s arms! We immediately wished for trip two when we will take him straight away. Alas, this trip is for learning and loving only.

He learned immediately how to use a cell phone to see animals and hear their sounds. They told us he had never played with one before… but he learned with very little instruction.

Brian kept him busy while I asked questions of the director.

They say they switched him from bottle feeds to spoon feeds one month ago!!! It is still pureed, but by spoon. He is not a fan. 🙁

Happily, we are familiar with and not stressed out about feeding challenges. Sadly, we do not get to take him from here for some months yet. (Common time frame is 5-6 months)

He was mildly entertained by this musical toy. He is going to need to be challenged to be engaged. This is opposite from Jordan’s need for baby steps with activities!

He calmed and became relaxed when Brian took him to the swing. They stayed there, moving gently for twenty minutes or so.

The slide was a big hit! He requested (by moving Brian’s hands) to go over and over again!

Ohhhhh, the men in my life!

This trip is so much better with both these two a part of it.

What to do with this stick?

I will scratch in the sand that you won’t let me in!

Oh, sweet little leg and cast!

Casting to help reposition clubbed feet is a common practice. I just wish it was being done at home by doctors I know with a mother beside him.

It was warm, but windy.

Dad, I think you are going to like this kid. I predict he will wrap you around his crooked little finger! (and i mean that in the figurative and the punny sense)

I was happy to see that his hips have a great range of motion, since his knees barely bend. Even with his cast, I can hold him easily.

Operation: “Make Daniel into a mama’s boy” will commence. Four more days of visits and then we come home while his adoption process completes!

One thing that I love about this crazy adoption journey is that we get to advertise, even to ourselves, a special truth.

He is worth it.

If you ever felt unloved… you are WORTH crossing oceans for. No matter anything. You are a beautiful and valuable creation by God himself. My heart hurts for all those who don’t get to experience this unstoppable love from a parent or sister or friend. Because getting to feel God’s love through a real live person is heart food. I don’t know if I’m making sense guys. I’m jet lagged and processing a lot of things.

Please keep lifting us up to our Father, who sees and knows and loves.


Daniel’s first times down the slide. He grew more animated with more turns:

Here he is learning that sisters can be fun (and funny)

Scratching in the dirt! He is quick to learn new activities:

My favorite… if you only watch one, watch this one! My heart is all his. Sing under my window!

In case you were curious about how his legs bend (or don’t)

Singing one more song as he grows tired


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  1. Reta Chapman

    Love at first sight!!! Looks great!!

  2. Gramps

    Love the singing! Thanks for posting.

  3. Susan Kaye

    Thank you so much for share this with us.

  4. Rachel M

    I don’t even recall how I came across your blog, but I’m so glad I did! This post in particular is among the sweetest things I have ever read. Especially the part “you are worth crossing oceans for”. God bless you and your beautiful family and thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

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