Beginning to Wait

There’s very little to do for the adoption process now. There’s a few papers to gather and send off, but after that, it’s completely out of our hands.

We’re over the worst of the jet lag, but I’m still rather disorganized and half mast. Did I tell you that our septic is backed up? Yeah, we can’t flush the toilets or let water go down the drain. We’re almost $400 in and it’s going to be a big chunk more than that tomorrow, I expect. I sure hope it can be repaired without having to install a new septic… those cost tens of thousands of dollars. Ouch.

Jordan got a new bus driver and I am a really unhappy mother. She’s been late, lost and inspires no confidence in either her driving or child-handling skills. It hasn’t been fun having conversations with her boss trying to get a kind lady fired, but I don’t feel comfortable letting her drive my son around. (sigh) They had his old bus driver going with her today. We’ll see what they say tomorrow. These aren’t easy judgments to make.

The best part of the wait is preparing for and imagining our son’s arrival home. Where will he sleep? What will he wear? What kind of food will he need? Then there’s the medical stuff that I don’t understand so well – what doctors do I need to call now – which ones do I wait – what appointments to we hurry into and which ones do we put off? He’s not under anybody’s care here in the US, so I don’t have anybody advising me. If it were down syndrome, I’d know what to do. But arthrogryposis is a completely different animal and I’m scratching my head a lot. And his tiny size… I know that he’s not eating well, but is he as malnourished as he seems… should i be looking into the medical side of that… or is his small size due to the arthrogryposis – because it’s not unheard of for them to go together. All this grown-up thinking i’m trying to do through the jet lag!

I took all these beautiful videos of Daniel. But I’m finding it hard to watch them without feeling this strong … well, I don’t want the videos, I want the boy. That little boy belongs here on my lap. In my home. Within my sphere. Where I can do what I can do to mend the broken places in his heart and encourage the broken places in his mind and carry him to physicians who will strengthen the crooked parts of his body. I want the boy.

But I promised some friends that I would share some more and he really is a darling, enjoyable little boy. Though he doesn’t engage and communicate like the average kid yet, he clearly observes and mimics others! Here is a video of him talking on the phone!!! (“Hello” is usually “oh-ah!” in his country)

First – before he began talking on the phone:

Chatty little fella!

His hand over mine.

He likes music.

Daniel’s bedroom. He sleeps in the soft crib, because he’s tall enough to fall out of the others.


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