Family life – Spring 2017

Everything here at home is going well. Jordan’s in a good spell (sleeping, happy), the girls are wrapping up loose ends in their schooling and Anna is preparing for her big, year-end ballet recital. The adoption paperwork continues its slow path towards court and us becoming Daniel’s legal, permanent parents. That’s going to feel so good. It’s unlikely, but I’m praying for a court date in July, because court is closed for summer holiday the month of August. September or October aren’t out of the question, though. If the Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, we should have everything in order to pick him up a month after court. Waiting is hard, but I’m getting practiced at it.

Sometimes I don’t realize how picture-perfect our life seems. Until I look through our pictures. So before I show you our gorgeous photos, I want to tell you that: I’m typing this blog in my pajamas, I had a hard time getting the kids to wake up this morning, The floor hasn’t been vacuumed or swept in over a week, it’s raining today, the garden is only half planted (in June!) and neglected, I had two days of dragging around followed by a super day yesterday, my bed is unmade, I have stacks of books I planned to read YEARS ago still sitting in my room gathering dust and I keep adding to the pile, and Jordan learned how to pinch. Okay, now that you have a glimpse at the normalness of our life, I’ll show you the beauty of our late May and early June:

Going into the water with the kids is not my usual cup of tea. But man, it’s been a long winter. I helped these two crazies out to sit on a rock in the deep water!

I stole a single medium frame of honey for us. I’m hoping for more this fall. I got two pints and a little more from it!

We have just one hive this year with bees (the other died last year) but it is healthy and I added another box. No, they’re not in the typical order in this picture.

Maggie is fearless with the bees. I had to talk her out of petting them. She had her hands in the extra box with a bunch of bees, swiping up drips of spilled honey with her finger.

There’s so much honey flow going on now that a few actually drowned in honey (is that a good way to go?) that pooled under where I set a hive box with torn honeycomb. And the honey that pooled? It was almost ignored. Clearly, they have enough!

There is such a good nectar flow going on right now that the bees hardly cared that I was in their hive except that I was interrupting their work.

So much honey!!!

I did henna at a friend’s birthday party to practice. I did several of these kitties on little girls’ hands there!

Last weekend I got invited to do henna at a local farm event in August. (Northwest Organic Gardens Tomato and Garlic Festival) So I decided I should actually practice. This is too big to fit on a hand, but when I found it online, I knew I wanted to try it!

Jordan may have had a tantrum when he was asked to work, but he is really excelling in the relational/play/sweet department!

Jordan’s private occupational therapist since he was adopted is about to retire her business and work more decent hours for a change. We are going to miss our weekly visits!

Maggie monkey.

Dry clothes (that took a long time to change) and dinner at Mo’s rounded out our day!

Eventually, the kids used a log as a raft. The expeditions commenced! Brian and I were thrilled at their ingenuity. They were cold. Funny: At one point, Jackson and Maggie were about to panic and wanted me to come rescue them. They thought they couldn’t reach any more or get back to shore. I mentioned how shallow the water was and they were shocked to find out that it didn’t even reach their waist and happily pushed their raft back to shore walking.

The beach was big enough that the crowd was no problem. We brought Jordan’s wheelchair so we could stop watching him off and on.

Carolyn shared her snack with her younger cousin.

Brian and the big kids built a partial bridge. Which washed away with the tide.

He is a big kid now! 8-year-old Jordan. Funny story of him for the day: He was walking down the beach along the big creek with me following way behind. He noticed how far away I was…. did a quick look… made a beeline for the creek. Luckily, I am so in tune with Jordan, that I sensed he was about to do that. I ran and jumped in front of him a few feet from the water and he collided with me. I laughed so much at the surprised and startled look on his face. (he got wet later, but it was too cold to get wet early on)

I scraped up some of the packed sand and Jordan was only too happy to throw it. He was particularly pleased if someBODY came close enough to throw it at!

We decided to go to the beach on Memorial Day! Yes, it was busy. Yes, there was traffic. No, the warm weather was not there.

My heart is full.

The Davis girls

Cold or not, the kids wanted to play!

Another day – another day at the river! The water is snow-melt and is COLD.

Brian forgot his shoes.

Garage sale pile! I am trying to get myself psyched up to have a garage sale.

Garage sale pile.

Ruby is afraid of cameras for some reason. It’s so hard to get a picture of my favorite furball!

Hello Benny!

Pollen and nectar, coming in!

I wish I could attach this bigger, because it’s fascinating to see the bees up close!

Maggie came out to take pictures with me as I sat in the sun, enjoying the sight and smell.


Anna is 10 years old!

Maggie is 7 1/2 years old!

My baby is 4 1/2 years old!

Time to play in the local river! Age difference – 2 1/2 years between tall and medium. 3 years difference between medium and small.

Jordan in the sand:

Kids beginning their rafting expedition:


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  1. Great Grandma

    I loved seeing all the fun pictures. Glad you had a good day.

  2. Reta Chapman

    Looks like everyone enjoyed the beach!!! It can be sooo cold! Loved seeing all of you!

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