June in a flash

June went by like mad.

I’m not sure what that means, but it’s what happened!

First – an adoption update. Daniel’s paperwork collected a few necessary pieces from immigration and the US embassy. All of that together was submitted on June 26th for its final review before getting sent to court. The review takes roughly 2-4 weeks. We’ll have an update on its status next Tuesday or Wednesday. Then to court… where we will likely run into the summer break. July 15-August 30 is the summer break officially, though some people work until August 1st. Basically, I’m waiting with great anticipation to be told when Daniel’s court date will be. I’m praying for a court date in July. Oh, what a relief that would be!

Onto the photo update.

Handsome young man. Jordan is 8 years old.

Me, from my 7-year-old’s perspective.

Anna had her big ballet recital in June. She had two performances and two dances in each performance. Family honored her with attendance and she did very well!

We are so proud of Anna.

So excited and ready for her first performance!

Carolyn wishes she could be in ballet already.

Everybody helped a little with Jordan in his chair.

The place was full to overflowing both times.

Full of vim and vinegar!

My favorite dance.

We are proud of Anna!

Anna and her great-grandma!

Anna and one of her good ballet friends.

They are the Nile river here!

The cousins and aunt Melissa and Grandma and Grandpa came to her first performance!

And Great Grandma too!!!

How Jordan felt after the first performance.

Really, this is how we all felt after the first performance. It makes for a late night and long days. zzzzzzzz

Pappy, great-grandpa and uncle Neal came to her second performance!

Great grandpa and my favorite photo bomber.

Honored guests. And… umm… we dressed up a lot the first night. Not so much the second night.

Anna and her good neighbor friend Elli, who hopes to join her next year.

Anna and her friends! (3 sisters)

Jordan looked pretty great!

Then along came Father’s Day. Brian got to have dinner with his dad and I got to have breakfast with mine. It was really special to be together.

This moment was not less special because of the single photo. This is Father’s Day with my dad. <3 All three kids together!

The bees are preparing the plastic comb in the flow frame to hold honey.

It’s fascinating to watch the bees work.

These flow frames are not designed to work well over winter, but next year, they will be ready for bees to put honey in! (This year, they spent too long preparing them)

A couple weeks ago was heavy honey flow time.

Soooooo many blackberries were blooming!

Neal and I got to run the Rugged Maniac 5K on the day of Anna’s second recital. It was SO MUCH FUN! I’m excited about going next year.

Well, at least they got the better part of me in the picture? hahaha

Neal crawling under barbed wire in the mud!

This is not us, but it’s about what we looked like going down the huge slide.

So great my brother came!

Before the mud…. there was fire!



It was so much fun!

Before: Neal and I were ready for the Rugged Maniac – a mud run, obstacle course, 5K!

After: We made it! My clothes leaned up against the wall and my leg was bruised, but we made it!

And a few other odds and ends…

We do usually clean up and make it to church on Sunday mornings!

Jordan’s annual frozen yogurt birthday treat!

The girls love reading. So much. They were even distracted from their ice cream to read!

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