We had a great August. And next week we start school! Also, September 4th is a huge day, because it’s the day that Daniel will become a Davis!

Without further ado – here is the energy that was August.

This is me on the way back to the car so the girls and Brian could stay longer.

They dressed in Brian’s clothes!

Carrie painted her own fingernails. Ahh!

I entered 20 jars of preserves.

Maggie won! By a lot. She was scared, but pushed herself to the top! So proud of her.

A challenge…

A big ride with Maggie!

Steal my heart!

First time on the ferris wheel!

They were having a blast. But Maggie still doesn’t like her photo taken.

The boys were troopers.

Anna and her good friend.

Heading in.

The crew plus Anna’s friend.

We decided to have one all-out day and went to the county fair.

We got to watch Levi for a week like last year!

Let’s just say it was a rough exit. The kids don’t know why this makes me laugh so hard.

The biggest tree in the forest.

The biggest tree in the forest.

The biggest tree in the forest.

The biggest tree in the forest.


Epic hike.

Heading out for a hike on Grandpa’s farm.

Jordan is a fan of tractors. Here he is on Grandpa’s trencher.

Our table!

Our table!

Amazed and encouraged by the support I got from this lady here.

Baked cookies for the henna sale! Learned the way to make frosting so that they stay nice.

Poor Jordan. He was so scared. He doesn’t like his ears touched. He hid behind the door pretty much the whole time.

Taking Jordan in for a checkup on the ENT.

Lots of pool time this summer!

Jordan was awesome this morning. He was able to play appropriately outside and get sun and dirt and all that good summer stuff.

Blueberries were great on our bushes this year! Got quite a few gallons.

Brian helped me get them settled in.

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