Doing all the things

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing everything at once and I get stressed out.

Maggie took jack-o-lantern matters into her own hands when I wouldn’t buy pumpkins and made this awesome witch out of an overgrown garden zucchini!!!

I was helping the kids through homeschool and writing and addressing letters.
balancing the budget
making a new long term financial goal (3 years long anyway)
feeding and changing/toileting both boys
answering interminable questions
arguing with a company about a charge they shouldn’t have charged me
posting cute moments on facebook
figuring out weekend plans
learning about running form with the goal being sustainable running instead of injuring out like last year this time
emailing Daniel’s Bulgarian mom photos and videos and how he’s doing
finding, uploading, resizing those photos and videos
paying the credit card off for the month
trying to pay off Brian’s work credit card for this month’s work travel
contacting the guy who rents our shop because he paid the wrong amount for this month
paying our respite provider
watching funny facebook videos
rememberin to feed and water myself
helping a kid wipe up a spilled cup of tea
helping a kid decide what to have for lunch
responding to crying and fighting or arguing
admiring a cat sleeping on my bed

Now I am hoping that everybody is stable, because I want to crochet a washcloth and sit quietly.

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  1. Gretchen

    One of my older, wiser friends once said, “quit should-ing all over yourself” and her excellent advice has stuck with me. Nothing good can come from beating yourself up over all the things you “should have done,” so don’t! It’s a struggle for me sometimes, too, and I really believe for most women. However, I try to remember her quip and turn all my anxiety over to God.
    Praying for you, friend <3

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