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Anna is in second grade this year and Maggie is a young Kindergartener. Here is my weekly homeschool plan, showing basically the school plan each week. There is a space there by each subject where I can write down once a week which lessons we’re working on. Also, the words in bold are things for in the evening. Umm… the stickers referenced on the bo>ttom are this year’s motivating bonus. Every ten stickers, they get to choose a prize. Included in prizes are: new crayons, suckers, gum, coupons for minecraft, cooking with Mom, stickers, etc.

It took me awhile to get it laid out so that I felt that we had a balanced curriculum that wasn’t too HUGE. Anna’s learning a lot in second grade, but no need to cram a bijillion things in and take all day. Things you don’t really see are art (because they’re doing a lot on their own right now), science (they’re working on a field guide to our own property)…. umm… I think it’s all pretty much there. We’re getting excited!

Weekly Template

A few other details for those curious:
Handwritten things get checked for neatness by mom.
Typed things need to be typed with fingers in the right places.
Spelling, Phonics and Math are all Horizons workbooks
I’m their piano teacher – we’ll work on learning to read music and understand counting/rhythm
I have a list of early chapter books (Like Mandie Books, Bobbsey Twins and so forth) that Anna can choose from for her book reports. Book Report Template Book Reading List
Her research reports will be from books and the internet… first, she will be researching different pet options and writing me a guided report on each. Pet Report
The weekly email report will be a description of what she did that week and it will be emailed to my Mom and Dad.
The Character books are different “with the Millers” books and also Ron Coriell character books.
AWANA on Wednesdays requires Bible memorization throughout the week… usually in the evenings when Brian is reading to the girls.
Buck Denver… ok, the What’s in the Bible series is pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to watching and learning along with the kids every Friday night.
Pretty excited about taking the girls to ballet… hope it works out and we get to go all year.
Oh… and Maggie’s work – She has a Horizon’s math book and a general ed Kindergarten book. Learning to read will consist of the early readers I had from Anna… it’s always hard for me to find enough true early, early readers until they are completely launched.

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