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I’m starting to get the next year’s curriculum into shape as I evaluate where we are finishing the 2018 school year. Guiding observations:
Everybody is working at or above grade level in every way except perhaps spelling.
I’m wanting a way to improve the process of going from thought to writing.
Alough we are pretty happy with the curriculum, we’ve been using the same format for 2-3 years and we’re all a bit bored.
Math facts are coming, but are not memorized and that makes math drag.
Maggie and Carolyn especially could use some kind of regular out-of-the-house activity.
Anna’s ballet year currently runs two weeks LONGER than the school year and into summer, which is a strain.

Major curriculum introduction for the new year is
Sonlight D or American History 1 (Advanced Readers, 4 day)
This curriculum covers history, reading, Bible and some amount of language/social studies/writing.

Extra-Curricular Options in the running:
Clark County English Country Dance
Kid’s Club – Swimming/Gymnastics/Martial Arts

Anna, 6th grade:
Sonlight American History, Advanced Readers 1
Teaching Textbooks Math 7
Handwriting Without Tears, Cursive Success
All About Spelling 2
Daily 6 Trait Writing, Level 5
Christian Light Publications Science 6
Growing with Grammar 4
Art – undecided
Extra Curricular – tbd
Wordly Wise A/B/C

Maggie, 3rd grade:
Sonlight American History, Regular Readers 1
Teaching Textbooks 4 and/or 5
Handwriting without Tears, Cursive Handwriting
All About Spelling 2
Daily 6 Trait Writing, 2
Christian Light Publications Science 3
Growing With Grammar, 2
Art – undecided
Extra Curricular – tbd
Wordly Wise A/B/C

Carolyn, 1st grade:
Sonlight American History 1 (listening)
Singapore Math – tbd (Primary 1A/1B?)
Christian Light Education Science, 1
Christian Light Education Reading, 1 (will start by reading the “Primer” books without any workbooks)
Handwriting Without Tears, Printing Power Plus
Art – undecided
Kumon: Jigsaw
Extra Curricular – tbd

Daniel, Kindergarten:
Not sure! Skills will be letter recognition, number recognition, counting, colors, shapes… preschool stuff. Learning to hold a pencil. Learning to sit and work. Learning English, how to use a wheelchair, emotional regulation… SO MUCH STUFF. We’ll see how he’s doing as fall approaches. I have plenty of leftover preschool and kingergarten stuff I can offer him if he shows interest during schooltime.
Things I have that I hope he will try:
Brain Quest Workbook, Pre-K
Kumon: Coloring
Kumon: Tracing
Kumon: Sticker & Paste
Kumon: Mazes
Kumon: Letters
Read-aloud, picture books

Jordan, 4th grade:
Puzzling over how to incorporate Jordan into the school day best. He’s not in a place where he can attend to academic schoolwork, but he is still working on many things.

Valuable additions would include: projects that strengthen craftsmanship, artistic appreciation, money management, scientific method, exploration, cooking, health and sex ed, typing, sport and PE

Supplementary materials on hand: Videos “How the States got their Shapes“, map puzzles, Liberty Kids dvds…..

Reminder of Washington State’s homeschool subject requirements (which are not expected to be taught solely separately/individually):
1. Occupational education
2. Science
3. Mathematics
4. Language
5. Social Studies
6. History
7. Health
8. Reading
9. Writing
10. Spelling
11. Appreciation for Art and Music

Other curriculum I’m interested in:
Jump In: A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers
Institute for Excellence in Writing

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