First Pediatrician Appointment

Before I get to the pediatrician appointment, I just have to put in an update about Maggie. She has been such a crack-up these days! First of all, she copies everything Anna does down to perfect tone. I just wish Anna was happy all the time! Second, she has begun pretending things. She watched a video about bugs and then caught a beetle and gave it to me. What beetle? “This one. Right here.” “Ohhh, a pretend beetle! What color?” “Black.” “And blue.” “And red.” Then she showed it to Anna to admire.

There is also a big fish in her room on her rug. A very big one, I guess. And it bit her. And sometimes it scares her. Really. But it’s not there. I checked. No fishy. But this “Big fish bite me” thing has gone on for a couple weeks now. I don’t know if imagination is good or bad! But it’s entertainment value is high!

At 2 1/2 years old Jordan’s stats:

Head: 17.63″ (about 30th percentile)
Height: 33.75″ (about 65th percentile)
Weight: 22lbs. 9.7oz. (about 20th percentile)

Jordan did good at the appointment… looking nervous, but hanging in there. It’s a little frustrating to have to repeat the answer “no, he can’t do that” to every single question, but we know our son is full of potential and we’re looking forward to impressing our pediatrician in six months with the difference between a child in an EE orphanage and a child in a family.

(No, he doesn’t feed himself, no he doesn’t self feed at all, no, he doesn’t babble interactively with us, no, he doesn’t stand up without something to pull up on, no, he doesn’t cruise yet. Yes, he’s beginning to look at us, yes, he’s beginning to forget to turn around backwards when we’re in the room, yes, he smiles spontaneously now, yes, he is beginning to see a point to exploring the room a little now, yes, he really needs a real haircut! haha)

She heard some sort of click in between the normal two “clicks” of the heartbeat… anybody want to hazard a guess as to what that is? She didn’t offer any suggestions. We were planning on doing an echo anyway, so didn’t pursue talking about it at the appointment. Everything else looks fine. He’s eating well, we have our Early Intervention referral…. oh, I asked what to do about his fingers, because a small sore is opening up in between two fingers…. poor guy. She suggested putting neosporin on it. Anybody else have a suggestion? (they are in his mouth lots of the time!)

Girls are coming down with colds. First EI appointment is tomorrow (Thursday). No other EI stuff until after the holidays which suits me just fine. We’ll be doing a blood draw on Jordan to test a host of different things (might as well just go ahead and test a bunch of things while he’s getting a blood draw anyway, right?). Tests are: CBC, lead, HBsAg(Hepatitis), RPR (syphillis), HIV, TSH/T4 (thyroid), and a chromosomal assay for DS. We also get to collect stools to test for giardia and h. pylori. His teeth look good, although they’re growing in an unusual pattern! He has four front teeth total with two more of his incisors just cutting through. He has all four molars and I need to look in there myself, but he has at least one of his next molars and I saw a bulge for another molar back there…. he doesn’t really hold still while I examine his mouth. 😉

Anyway, we have hearing, eye, heart and lab tests to do. Going to try and get the echo of his heart and his lab work done before Christmas, but the hearing and eye exam can wait. Wish me luck… I tend to get a little stressed when it comes to doctor appointments!

Adjustment is continuing here. We haven’t been pushing anything. He resists being held, so we haven’t tried to hold him in the ergo all day, like can help with bonding. We’re just letting him get more and more used to us and the way families work. He does crawl to the edge of his crib and reach for me in the morning. And he definitely gets a hopeful look when we say and sign “eat.” Smart boy.

Oh – oh! On Friday a friend is going to take first family photos of us! It’ll be outdoors, so this is weather permitting. I sure hope I can find clothes that look good on everybody and that match and are warm!!!

And I have tried to get a good picture of everybody, but that’s not the easiest. Lelia…. good luck!


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9 Responses to First Pediatrician Appointment

  1. JessicaD

    I live just about an hour south of you. I found your blog the day Jordan came to America. Some day I would love to hear how it was with requirements and studies and stuff here locally. I am also quite interested in what kind of medical reception you get through this process.

    You might give him lots of probiotics to help boost his gut. That will help with any sores in his mouth but obviously he could have a vast array of viruses and strange bacteria too. You can open a capsule and put a pinch in his mouth and let him gum it down. Pretty easy – even for tiny babies so i would think that you could easily get it in him. But then again, I have not worked with anyone just like Jordan – yet. 😉

  2. Hollie

    When the do the blood draw, they should also check his thyroid. This is a must with DS kids. Also, I have small kid size fingerless gloves that might help with the sore. He could still put the tips of his fingers in his mouth, but the taste of “felt” might deter a full submersion.

  3. Oh yes, we are doing thyroid too – I’ll go add that to the list. And I’d be interested in giving those gloves a try. Might help keep him a bit more dry!

  4. Viviane

    Don’t you hate those questions about development?! They asked me last week if Emilia did patty-cake and I said no and then they actually sat down to try and see if she’d do it. I don’t even know if they have any version of patty-cake in BLG, but, of course, she had no clue what they wanted. Then they gave her a doll and a bottle to pretend feed the doll… ummm, no. When you’re 2 and weigh 17 pounds your own survival has been on the forefront and you probably haven’t tried to feed a doll… so Emilia proceeded to stick the bottle into her own mouth. Made me chuckle.

  5. Dad C.

    I saw quite a few YES answers…! and am thankful for each one. Great pictures!!

  6. Dad… if only the pediatrician had asked the questions where the answer is yes! 🙂 We are thankful for each one too. We are really happy with how things are going… just wish doctor appointments were as cheerful!

  7. ChelseaNoel

    Jordan fits right in with your family, you are all so beautiful together. Thank you for sharing this update, I pray his blood draw goes well, and that the results are good answers or helpful ones.

  8. Carol

    I haven’t been commenting much lately, but I wanted to let you know I have been reading and am so thankful for this window into your life with Jordan. He looks like such a sweet little guy and handsome as anything! I have a feeling Niko may have a similar adjustment, so I love reading all the details you post about life and how you are reacting to things. Please let us know what you decide to do about the fingers thing and how it goes. Niko’s baba said he used to suck his fingers a lot and that he didn’t any more, but then during the week I was visiting he started again and had a sore between them in just a day or two! 🙁

  9. Gretchen

    LOVE the Donnysaur picture 🙂 Too funny…how does such a little guy get his mouth open sooo wide?! I am glad that (for the most part) you are able to focus on all the things he can do and all the potential he has. A little birdie told me he is already doing even better than she would have thought…and she’s an optomist! This whole situation brings joy to my heart =)

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