What a Year! – January & February

What a year!

Looking at the pictures from January…. it feels like it’s been a very long time.

Brian had set me up with a workbench and a small set of leather tools for Christmas. My first project… bracelets!

We took our half-fated big family trip to a beach rental… where Jordan and Daniel barely slept and Brian got sick and the girls still managed to have fun.

Trying to keep the water hot!


Chasing the seagulls

Last months of pre-teens!


Weary at the beach

I was making packing lists for our March trip to Delaware for some serial casting for Daniel… and taking cute photos of his feet for his orthopedist.


None of us had ever heard of Coronavirus.

February 2020 rolled in without any announcement and we enjoyed a special birthday celebration for my dad at my sister’s new home – all the kids were there!

One of my favorite family photos of all time!


We mostly even get along.

And more fun.

The kids had fun.

I experimented with lipstick

Jordan survived a trip away from home!

Lots of good food!

Ballet in person was still a thing! People touched each other and didn’t wipe down the ballet bars or anything! 🙂

English Country Dances were in full swing and oh, how we miss that!

We started hearing rumors about some illness in China that was causing quarantines. We didn’t think it would affect us.

A determined friend came and helped us with some yardwork… it was a treat to have him drive so far to spend the day with us!

And lastly, Brian and I were getting better at taking care of our personal health… Brian took up hiking and I began exercising frequently. Sometimes, he takes the kids along. This is up on Bells Mountain Trail.

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